The exclusively brilliant AppBrain for Android

October 20, 2011 in applications, os-update, phones

Android as the recent bunch of people boast about, is surely a very big revolution in the field of mobile apps and operating system. Whether the count happens to be 80000 or a whooping 100000, more and more of Android applications are getting added to the pile day by day.

Although one sees astronomical quantity of applications in the android operating systems, what everyone would be primarily concerned with is the quality of the applications. Having this in mind, Android has started to come up with quality applications and started to take over other operating systems hands down. The most popular AppBrain is now being used by around 98 percent of the users for downloading new applications. This is not only because of the availability of applications for free but also due to the effective applications being designed and developed.

Some of the interesting facts about AppBrain in Android OS happen to lure the users. One can make use of Facebook, Orkut, Maps etc in a single touch and comes preloaded while one needs to pay for these applications in Apple, Symbian and windows. This clearly shows the versatality of the operating system making is as the leader of its niche.

So if you really want to use something different, useful, innovative, responsive and very durable, you may try considering the new AppBrain version from Android. With all the state of the art techniques rightly embedded and delivered, you might not anymore long for an alternative or a better version if you are equipped with this one.


ESPN Radio App for Android

July 14, 2010 in applications

Now the ESPN radio application is available for $4.99 to download on Android Marketplace. This is ESPN’s first Android application and is  very similar to iPhone version. As this app is continuously expanding, it is reaching across the multiple platforms of smartphone.

ESPN Radio Android App

This application gives the facility to listen the live audio streams to its millions of the radio listeners. They can access the radio and get the latest updates of sports center every 20 minutes. This application also offers few more features like live scores, play-by-play broadcasts, podcasts, and newsfeeds as well. It can connect to the ESPN radio and other ESPN affiliate stations.

Remember, this app is not free to use, $4.99 for an install. So, android users enjoy this new app of ESPN!

Google App Inventor for Android – Application Development Made Easy!

July 13, 2010 in applications

The invention of Android with a bunch of specialized and technical features has undoubtedly proved that necessity is the mother of invention. Today, every day new mobile phones with more and more features and increasing number of mobile applications are coming up attracting the consumers and they try to bestow their best of services.

App Inventor

One such contribution is allowing the users create their own application for Android devices. The most incredible quality is that one can live the dream of creating an Android application and that too without the requirement of coding skills. Google’s App Inventor for Android is one of the most innovative and recently launched software development tools which is getting loads of appreciation and publicity round the globe. This web based user friendly as well as pocket friendly application is available as a complimentary for the clients. It is very easy and convenient. Even when an individual is not well versed with programming language, one can use it to make loads of new applications. If the person is unable to deal with any kind of complexities and does not have hands on experience, one can simply refer to tutorials, demo videos and eBooks provided by Google.

The idea conceived sounds ground breaking. Let’s see if it is able to win the hearts of maximum customers. This might create the passage for new-fangled destinations in the soul of Android.

However, with pros comes the cons. As application development gets easier with App Inventor, the marketplace will be flooded with useless applications. Over the time, this won’t be much of a problem as the useless applications tend to bottom out against the useful applications. All-in-all, a win-win situation for Android and Android Application Developers. Kudos to Google for making the app development so easy!

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro and HTC Wildfire in Australian market

July 12, 2010 in phones

In today’s world of gizmos and gadgets where technology is at peak the advent of androids has added yet another feather to the cap of innovation and mobile applications. Not only this but the advent of Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro and HTC Wildfire in Australian market and has acted like an icing on the cake.  Indeed their invention has explored the multidimensional avenues of technology.

Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro is a miraculous phone with set of  top features like Physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash and VGA video recording, Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and turn-to-mute and cluster of elite features. This phone will be hitting the brand market in early month of August and capturing the limelight.

Another bash of expertise is HTC Wildfire which is a complete benefit for your social as well as the corporate life. It is certainly the best who have aspiration for stylish and valuable mobile phones. It has wide range of features to offer such as camera with 5.0 MP, 2560 x 1920 Pixels, video capturing supported in MP4, 3GP, 3G2, WMV9 formats. It  is powered by Android 2.1 (Éclairs) with HTC Sense UI.

Android reveals its new face

July 9, 2010 in os-update

With the high rise in the competence in the field of mobile and telecommunications, Google has raised up to the occasion and come up with a new variant of the popular Android operating system which is being baptized as Froyo. The impressive thing is that this version makes use of a JIT triggered by high performance which is introduced in a typical Android’s native environment called Dalvik.

The default browser in this platform seems to be a dream come true for mobile freaks who love to browse all the time. As it comes in handy and speedy in operation, there is a lot to look out for your surprise.

There were also tests conducted to check the performance of this version and it was tested in Nexus. It was found that the Froyo running on Nexus one was simply able to drive and execute java scripts faster than the Mac’s pet product iPhone which is running in the iOS4. Android Dalvik is also found to support heavily loaded JavaScript oriented websites which even iPhones cannot support as such. All in all, Android is undoubtedly emerging to be more competing and attractive and is expected to show thumbs and pull down Apple both in its fame and market.

Android – the future leisure device

July 8, 2010 in os-update

When the world gave a big wink when Microsoft came up with the so called obsolete Windows 3.1, it was much to everyone’s surprise. As the technologies ramped up, Things started developing too small while several markets and companies grew astronomically big.

Leisure device

Google’s Android is a future generation handy explorer cum leisure device which is very much similar to Symbian and Apple OS. In some ways, Android has started acquiring better place and better competence level. Some of the advantages and unique features of Android are listed below.

Android OS is basically based on ARM architecture which helps

-       User to watch record and upload videos in camcorder mode

-       User to use widgets and icons to use as shortcuts to frequently used applications.

Some of the typical applications include

-       Andriod music store (like Ovi store for Nokia)

-       Enhanced support for WebM video playback.

-       Easy copy paste functionalities.

-       Exclusive support for higher resolution display up to 1366 by 768.

Some of the exclusive Google applications supported and included in Android are Google voice, Sky map, Translate, Shopper and also a jogging application to track your fitness. One can also go online and download whatever application he or she needs in one single click just like in the case of apple applications.

Android SSH Client – Connect Bot

December 30, 2009 in administration

As Android continues to establish itself in mobile market, it’s becoming more evident that  Android is a highly configurable platform. Many times system administrators as well as webmasters need to access their servers while on the road. In such critical situations Android’s Connect Bot, a SSH Client, will come to the rescue.

From Android’s marketplace, download Connect Bot to get a full ssh client to remotely access your servers. Must have app for any system admin or webmasters with their own servers.

Android SSH Client

Android SSH Client

Welcome to Android Tips

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